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CML's Shanti Korporaal in The Australian

Shanti Korporaal’s hands-on when it comes to tech business Simone Fox Koob, Ewin Hannan The Australian 12:00AM August 3, 2017...

Wisconsin company ready to implant microchips in employees

50 Employees from 3 Square Market in the US got microchips, mostly for use during work hours for access and...

Implantable tech: is the future under your Skin?

Very cool write up by NBNCo

Future of shopping on the Today Show

This was a really fun story to put together with the Today Show on Channel 9 Future Sumo link...

Would you implant a chip in your body?

A write up in the Intel iQ... interesting.

Australia Has Started Microchipping People

Interesting write up in Sydney Criminal Lawyers... should I be worried now? People really need to start doing their...

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