USB Killer 2.0 Adaptor Kit

USB Killer 2.0 Adaptor Kit


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USB Killer Adaptor Pack

Test everything! The USB Killer adaptor kit allows you to test against Lightning, USB-C & MicroUSB devices.

These are no ordinary adaptors: Engineered to bypass all authentication checks, these adaptors are tested working against previously protected devices. 

Lightning devices, such as the iPhone 5, 6 & 7 have been notoriously difficult to test, as each Lightning cable contains a special authentication chip.

We developed a Lightning adapter that bypasses the authentication checks, and can immediately deliver a USB Surge attack to any lightning device!

USB-C devices can also use authentication, but with the USB-C adaptor, you can test against a large variety of devices.



1x Lightning Adaptor

Successfully test against the iPhone 5/6/7

1x USB-C Adaptor

Test and bypass against the newest USB standard.

1x MicroUSB Adaptor

Cover 95% of portable devices with MicroUSB.


Check out the highlights of the Adpator Pack with the video below, tested with deadly efficiency against an iPhone 7.


Your USB Killer Adaptor pack will arrive quickly and safely in discrete packaging and comes in its own protective, reusable casing.

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