USB Killer Testing Shield

USB Killer Testing Shield


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NOTE: This product, while not illegal in Australia, is sold by us ONLY to legitimate Law Enforcement, Intelligence or Defence personnel.

The address that this order is to be sent to MUST be verifiable as an LEA related address OR you must email with an image of your ID (obscure what you need to). Any orders for these products without verification will be cancelled and a refund issues excluding costs.

USB Killer Shield: Test your USB Killer safely

The USB Protection Shield is a CE Approved device designed to allow testing of the USB Killer while protecting the host machine. Users can safely connect the shield device and test the USB Killer's output functionality.

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USB Killer + Shield Demonstration

Watch the USB Killer + Shield in action below. Note that despite the high voltage seen between the breakout cables, the host computer is protected. Once the USB Killer Shield is removed, the host computer is instantly disabled.


The USB Killer is not a toy. It is developed and sold as a testing device. 
While the device is shielded and tested for safe use, it remains a high-voltage device. No attempt should be made to open or modify with the device.

Sale of the device is subject to strict terms and conditions, including:
- ONLY sold by Chip My Life to Law Enforcement related organisations
- We accept no liability for any damage you (LEA or not) may cause with this device

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