NFC - xM1 Plus Tag + Injection Kit (Dangerous Things)

NFC - xM1 Plus Tag + Injection Kit (Dangerous Things)


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This product is supplied by and the information below is sourced from their website. Chip My Life is a partner of Dangerous Things and an approved supplier for Australia and New Zealand.

  • 13.56MHz ISO14443A & NFC Type 2 Mifare Classic S50 1K RFID chipset
  • Encased in a 3x12mm cylindrical biocompatible glass casing
  • Pre-loaded in injection syringe assembly
  • Fully NFC Type 2 compliant – compatible with all NFC devices

  • Product Description

    The xM1 Plus is a “Classic S50 1k” chip emulator with writable sector 0 (including UID) by way of a “Chinese Magic Backdoor” feature. This allows you to overwrite all pages in every sector, including Sector 0, regardless of A/B key values or access bit settings.

    The xLED mimics the x-series antenna coil winding, and shows you the best possible location and rotation/orientation for holding your xM1 Plus transponder up to any reader.

    xM1 Plus + xLED Field Tester Kit Contents

    • 1 sterile injector assembly, pre-loaded with an xM1+ tag
    • 1 single-use ChloraPrep SEPP 0.67ml applicator (video)
    • 1 sterile gauze pad for post-injection wound care
    • 1 sterile expandable-fabric adhesive bandage
    • 1 pair of non-sterile, non-latex procedure gloves
    • 1 xLED 13.56MHz Field Tester

    We have a small quantity of fully tested xM1+ 3mm glass implants.  However, unlike our other implantable products, we cannot guarantee with any certainty, the reliable operation of the silicon chip inside the xM1+

    In the case of this chip, we are opting not to warrant operation of the product, and we are also limiting this offering to fully tested stock.

    The word at the moment is that NO new xM1+ chips will be produced after this inventory is sold.

    WARNING: If you decide to purchase one of these units, you will do so at your own risk and without the guarantee of proper functionality nor performance as stated above. To reiterate, the only claim Chip My Life or Dangerous Things is willing to make is that the xM1+ chips offered are encapsulated in biosafe glass with non-toxic epoxy resin. We cannot guarantee operation of the chip in any capacity!


    Please read the FAQ!!!


    Chip My Life prefers our customers to use one of our approved professional body piercing partners who have been trained in inserting these devices. If no partners are available in your area, you should be able to find a professional who is willing to assist you. We have written these documents to help introduce new professionals to the world of implantable transponders; Dangerous Things Professional Guides

    Practical Read Range/Performance Expectation

    Passive RFID and NFC tags are magnetically coupled devices that pass power and data over a shared magnetic field. This means their effective read range depends on how well both of the antenna coils in the tag and reader couple with each other. This typically means the shape, size, and orientation of both antennas must be complimentary. Unfortunately, most reader devices, including mobile phones, typically have antennas designed with thin flexible PCB traces made into blocky rectangular shapes that lay along a flat plane. These antenna designs are great for coupling with and reading large flat label tags or card style tags and access cards, but they have a hard time coupling to the very small cylindrically shaped antenna coil inside our implantable tags. Most mobile phones and reader devices have a “sweet spot” that must be located and used each time to get consistent reads. Other devices, such as the Samsung Ezon digital deadbolt lock, tend to use wire wound coil antenna loops inside, which work much more reliably with small glass tags like our x-series tags. Please do not expect your mobile device to achieve the same read range with our x-series tags that you normally get with a label tag or card. For examples of this, please check out the following video posts; reading with USB device, and reading with a mobile device.

    Return Policy

    Sales of all RFID tags are final and no returns will be accepted. We keep a tight chain of custody on all products through manufacture, sterilization, and shipment. We would not sell a tag that has been returned and you probably wouldn’t want to buy one either… so before you purchase, do your research and be sure you know you’re getting the correct product.

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